For people, planet, produce

At Fresh Del Monte, doing good has always been on our mind and in our actions. 
And it’s not good enough to nurture great fruits and vegetables that go from the farm to your table. Doing good is about respecting nature – the trees, the soil and the creatures that inhabit it. It’s about giving local communities the tools to grow and live better. It’s about lending a helping hand wherever we may be. 
Our promise is to always look further to see how we can do better for everyone. 
These are some of the ways we make good on that promise. 

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Worlwide, we’ve provided medical assistance to more than 60.000 people. But recently, we’ve focused efforts in Kenya by funding six medical centers for a population of approximately 28.000. We also run annual medical camps where we offer diabetes and cancer screenings, dental and eye checks, family planning, pediatric treatment, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, deworming and general checkups. 

Healthcare in Kenya
Food banks in USA

We are excited to share that, since the start of 2020, our teams in North America have donated nearly 15 million pounds of fresh produce to 40 different entities across the nation. We are proud to be working with a diverse network of actors in the fight against food insecurity, like Food Share, Mid-Atlantic Regional Cooperative, Philabundance, Houston Food Bank and many more.

Over the years, we’ve built schools, hired teachers, stocked libraries, provided school supplies to tens of thousands of students and sponsored more than 700 scholarships worldwide. In the Philippines in particular, we’re offering high school scholarships and we’re partnering with local organizations to teach women crafts that help them get a new source of income. 

Education in the Philippines
Wildlife in Central America

We have three main wildlife refuge areas in Costa Rica: Zapote, El Tigre and El General. These areas are home to a rich and diverse set of plants and animals, including vulnerable and endangered species such as monkeys, wild cats, hippos and tapirs – a total of 630 protected species. We are committed to keeping these areas unspoiled, protecting all wildlife within.

Due to shipping, agricultural production, food storage, and packaging, our industry tends to have a large impact on our world. That’s why, between 2016 and 2018, we’ve planted 1.032.509 trees in various countries: more than 800.000 of them in Central America. At our two largest farms in Costa Rica alone, we’ve been certified Carbon Neutral by SCS Global Services since 2015 and have set aside nearly 10.000 hectares as protected forests throughout our farms.

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Rainforests in Central America